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Kavir Damghan Steel Complex 63/20kV Substation

Kavir Damghan Steel Complex 63/20kV Substation

 The scope of this contract is to supply of 63/20KV substation all required 24kV metal-clad, air insulated withdrawable switchgear as well as all required control, protection, AVR, VCR, RTU nad PLC panles as well as main LVAC avd LVDC distribution panels.

The contract enduser is Kavir Damghan Steel complex and the project consultant is Namdaran company. The contract shall be delivered in a ten-month period and delivered in the 4th quarter of the year 2015.

This substation role is to feed the company steel making and milling units located inside the complex.

Kavir Damghan steel complex is located in Damghan city within Semnan provience.

This project boosts YAM position in steel industires.