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  • Description;
    • MV, LV or MV&LV prefabricated feeder substation
    • Completely bolts and nuts construction
    • Galvanized steel structure
    • Operation from inside
    • Separate compartments for MV & LV switchgears
    • IP42 and higher for MV & LV compartments
    • Possibility of natural cooling or air conditioning systems
  • Applications;
    • Temporary disconnection of existing substation for relocation and/or maintenance purposes
    • Extension of existing substation in case of land or feeders room limitation
    • Distribution of electricity in case of emergency situation (earthquake, flood, etc)
    • Distribution of electricity in under execution & construction project/substations
    • Installation in locations with high variations in electricity consumption like touristic areas.
    • Installation in location which construction works is very expensive or difficult.
    • Electricity distribution companies
    • Industries
    • Oil, gas and petrochemical projects
    • Mines projects
    • Infrastructural projects (housings, airports, metro, etc)
    • Private sector (complexes, shopping centers, hotels, etc)
  • Advantageous;
    • Compact design
    • Robust construction
    • Easy and fast installation
    • Highly reliable
    • Long service life 
    • Resistance in severe climate conditions
    • Limited required civil works
    • Operator and public safety
Material; Structure; Hot deep galvanized steel
Walls & ceilings; Sandwich panel
Color; Default; RAL
Degree of protection; IP55
Standard; IEC62271-202
Medium voltage switchgear;
Type; Metal-clad, withdrawable, AIS or GIS
No. of feeders; As per customer requirements
Max rated voltage; 36KV
Low voltage switchgear;
Type; Withdrawable or Fixed
Rated voltage; 0.6/1KV
No. of feeders; As per customer requirements